Dogwood Ridge Homeowner's Association

Apex, North Carolina 27502

This site is a source of communication from the HOA to all of the residents in Dogwood Ridge subdivision.  Apex, North Caroline

Scam Alert

Many scams are being reported in the area recently. Please be careful dealing with anyone who shows up at your house or contacts you by phone out of the blue. 

Scams that have been reported include
1. Men showing up in a roofing truck offering free roof inspections. They then damage the roof while inspecting it, and charge you to fix it. 

2. A caller says he is a Wake County Sheriff Deputy and that you failed to appear for jury duty and you will be arrested or you can pay a fine.  You can check if you have been called for jury duty by contacting the Wake County Sheriff's Department. 

3. Someone is calling residence claiming to be from the town of Apex and their water or power is going to be cut off if they don't provide a credit card number to make payment. Do not provide them your credit card number or any other financial information . You can also call the Town of Apex utilities office if you have questions about your water or power bill.

If you believe someone is trying to target you with these scams or any others, please contact Apex Police at their non-emergency number (919-362-8661) immediately.