Dogwood Ridge Homeowner's Association

Apex, North Carolina 27502

This site is a source of communication from the HOA to all of the residents in Dogwood Ridge subdivision.  Apex, North Caroline

Interested in getting involved with neighborhood committees??

The HOA committees are busy making plans for the year and could really use your help.  The time commitment varies, but the truth is, having a voice and staying involved is what makes our neighborhood so great.  Take a look at the committees below and commit yourself to helping out!  EMAIL to sign up

 Social Committee - The Social Committee is responsible for scheduling, organizing, managing and communicating all social events that occur throughout the year.  The committee handles all aspects of planning and budgeting for these events and works with the Social Committee of the Pool Board and Pearson Farms to coordinate calendars. 

 Neighborhood Communication Committee - The Neighborhood Communication Committee is responsible for disseminating all HOA news, Board and committee actions, and events to the homeowners utilizing a variety of communication tools. This committee is responsible for maintaining the HOA website and publishing the HOA newsletters.

 Landscape Committee - The Landscape Committee works to ensure the beauty of our community's green space, common areas and related equipment (signs, lights, irrigation).  The committee coordinates the planting and landscape maintenance with the current HOA landscape contractor making sure that whatever work is required is defined and completed in an efficient and satisfactory manner. 

 Welcoming Committee – This committee provides our new neighbors with a “basket” of goodies to welcome them to Dogwood Ridge and Apex!