Dogwood Ridge Homeowner's Association

Apex, North Carolina 27502

This site is a source of communication from the HOA to all of the residents in Dogwood Ridge subdivision.  Apex, North Caroline

Bag it and trash it!

Earlier this month, the Board approved the installation of 4 new dog waste stations for our neighborhood.  The Purple Glory circle, White Cloud circle, the open space at Silky Dogwood and the green space at Willow Leaf Circle.   Most of us pick up after our pets to be good neighbors and keep our neighborhood clean, but there is more reason to clean up after your pets.  Pet waste contains bacteria and can carry disease that is harmful to our water.  Leaving it on the sidewalk or a yard allows it to seep into our water supply….Beaches, lakes, streams, even our drinking water!    PLEASE do your part as a responsible pet owner, and always pick up after your pet.  The waste will be removed from the provided waste cans on a regular basis and bags will be restocked.