Dogwood Ridge Homeowner's Association

Apex, North Carolina 27502

This site is a source of communication from the HOA to all of the residents in Dogwood Ridge subdivision.  Apex, North Caroline

Alert from the Apex Police

Recently our area of Wake County (including Apex) has experienced an increase of Breaking & Entering to homes. Many of these crimes have been unsuccessful attempts but evidence remained that someone attempted to enter the home when the residents were away. The common method of entry shared among many of these attempts was breaking glass near or on an entry door. I am writing you to remind all residents of crime prevention tips that will help prevent this crime from occurring in your neighborhood.


Please share the following tips with your residents through social media, newsletter, email, etc.:

-          Alarms (if available) should be set when away from the residence and at night.

-          Lighting should be used at night to prevent dark areas around the residence (motion lighting works well!).

-          Window blinds/shades should be drawn (especially  at night and when away) to prevent easy viewing into your residence.

-          Window film or decorative glass should be used on glass that is located on or near an entry door.

-          Garage doors should remain closed at night and when the residents are not home.

-          Finally and perhaps most importantly, Residents should not hesitate to report suspicious activity/vehicles within the neighborhood. No person knows the neighborhood and its usual activity better than those who live there. If something doesn’t look right, REPORT IT!


Some neighborhoods in the southeastern portion Wake County have reported suspicious vehicles to include a “meat sales truck” and/or construction type vans to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office. That is excellent information and will assist law enforcement in investigating these crimes. If you see a vehicle that appears suspicious (such as a vehicle that continues to ride through the neighborhood with no obvious destination), it should be reported!


Suspicious activity may be reported to the Apex Police Department by calling our non-emergency number (919-362-8661) and asking for an officer to respond to the area. If a resident has a particular concern or question about the security of their home, I am always available to assist. Please have them contact my office using the information provided below.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions/concerns!




Master Officer Matthew Hunter

Community Policing & Crime Prevention

Apex Police Department

Office: 919-249-3469

Dispatch: 919-362-8661